At Lincoln Police Department accept everyone who successfully moves through the hiring process, if your actions and background information are aligned with LPD’s standards. You have a limited amount of time to make an impression and we want to experience your best!

We know that people make mistakes, and we aren’t looking for perfect people. We are looking for people with the integrity to acknowledge their mistakes and the ability to learn from them.

Information on our department is available on the LPD Public Transparency Page. We are proud of our department and excited to share it with you. We are also available to answer any questions you may have on becoming a proud Lincoln Police Department Officer!

TABE Test- The TABE test…. We encourage you to take the sample tests…
Prepare for the Physical Assessment Test (PAT). We provide training tips to help you be successful. It is challenging and will require you to prepare yourself physically.

During the interview, we are interested in how you got to your answer as we are in what the answer is. Be confident in your answers and take a few extra seconds to share your reasoning and thought process with us.


Each step in the hiring process is important. How you interact with us, other applicants and whether you follow directions and meet deadlines.