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career opportunities


Become a member of our next academy with rewarding challenges, skilled instructors. 


Currently certified officers may participate in an accelerated academy and training program. 


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our department, our city

“With every call answered, there is an opportunity to change a life and create a legacy. 

At the Lincoln Police Department, where we stand for justice, integrity, and each other, you will find passion and purpose serving our diverse and supportive community in a role that is not only dynamic and fulfilling, but also steeped in valor and nobility. Be courageous, join our dedicated team and start writing your story today.”   – Chief of Police Michon Morrow


“Thank you for your interest in the Lincoln Police Department. The Lincoln City Council supports the upstanding men and women that work for the department and we encourage you to learn more about the organization. Lincoln is a great place to live, work and play, and we are confident you will find Lincoln to be unrivaled compared to our peer cities. We would be honored to have you join our team!”   – Lincoln City Council 


always hiring

Lincoln Police Department is actively hiring for new and lateral police officer positions.  Are you interested in a career change?  Our dedicated team could be exactly what you are looking for.

why lincoln pd?

Lincoln Police officers make a commitment to improving our community and the people we serve.  We are a highly dedicated team and always looking for like-minded individuals who are ready for hard work and upholding the law.

benefits & compensation

Lincoln Police Department is one of the highest paying departments in the Midwest.  We provide our team health, dental, and vision insurance as well as sick leave, holidays, pension plans, and educational pay.  

specialized training

Are you interested in pursuing a specialized policing track? Some of the teams, such as the Canine Unit and School Resource Officers, are full-time, regular shift assignments. While others, such as SWAT and Crime Scene Technicians, are only activated as needs arise.

community based policing

Lincoln Police officers are expected to handle a huge variety of police incidents, and to follow through on such incidents from beginning to end. Specialization is limited to those areas where considerable expertise is an absolute necessity. 

hiring requirements

Do you have the requirements needed to become a Lincoln Police officer?  There are many misconceptions about becoming an officer with the city of Lincoln. Learn more about the requirements for all of our personnel.